Program Overview

This comprehensive six-month program is meticulously crafted to provide accelerated and in-depth knowledge, equipping you with the expertise and hands on experience necessary to confidently serve clients and thrive in the Esthetics realm. This advanced program will also help you step confidently into that next job interview. Classes are conducted twice a month for six months, supplemented by dedicated one-on-one sessions. Conveniently situated in Greer, SC, these classes are scheduled biannually.


Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from each lesson:

Month 1:
Nurturing Confidence, Skin types, Consultations
– Week 1: **Lesson 1: Confidence Building & Skin Types
– Week 2: **Lesson 2: Consultation Forms & Application

Month 2:
Communication and Product Mastery
– Week 3:**Lesson 3: Treatment Plans & Communicating Effectively
– Week 4: **Lesson 4: In-Depth Product/Ingredient Knowledge

Month 3:
Journey into Advanced Skin Concerns & Solutions
– Week 5: **Lesson 5: A Deeper Look into Acne
– Week 6: **Lesson 6: Advanced Skin Conditions

Month 4:
Advanced Treatment Options
– Week 7: **Lesson 7: Advanced Treatment Techniques & Massage Tips
– Week 8: **Lesson 8: Chemical Peels

Month 5:
Clientele & Professionalism
– Week 9: **Lesson 9: Professionalism with Difficult Situations
– Week 10: **Lesson 10: Clientele Building

Month 6:
Business Essentials for Beginners & Advanced Modalities
– Week 11: **Lesson 11: Key Small Business Essentials and Planning
– Week 12: **Lesson 12: Advanced Medical Aesthetics


You have the option of receiving a discounted rate for upfront payment of $2995 (typically $3600), or a flexible payment plan of monthly payments of $525.00. To ensure the program’s alignment with your goals, an initial assessment will be conducted. Prospective participants must hold a valid Esthetic license or anticipate graduating within a few months of program commencement, guaranteeing optimal comprehension of the comprehensive curriculum.


In addition to these core lessons, you have the option to take separate Esthetic courses covering Advanced Waxing Techniques OR Dermaplaning at an additional cost. Each course is three hours and will include hands-on training on a model and a small kit.

Tiered programs available soon.

I look forward to embarking on this educational journey with you, helping you grow as a skilled and confident Esthetician.